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Sunday blurs

Looking forward to new things.

Forcing bloging and making videos even if no one looks.

did it again more product tests but the money talks.

10 things to try love it.

Thanks to buying more proactiv it worked wonders.

Moving on is hard left alot and gain alot.

Wtf? A new place falling apart ready to move out of here



To me 28 and still here.

Groupon or Savemore? Day 1

I am Loving the groupon copycats, I gave in and trying to spend only 50 dollars. To see what I get. Just buying mostly birthday gifts to me.Might be nice to some family members.

So far.

Cvs card - $10 for $5
Peeled fruits- $30 for $3 $20 for $0 $20 for $10

18 down and 32 to go.