Are You Smarterer?

 I love a test. Really do..... not joking. But this one had me shaking in my uggs. Was not an easy task and i thought i knew well.


Answer Questions

Select a test to begin answering questions. Questions are timed, and the longer the question, the more time you have. Our system uses adaptive difficulty to identify your skill level and then give you questions at the appropriate difficulty. You'll be challenged, but that's a good thing, right?

Get Your Score

Smarterer's scoring system is based on the algorithms used to score chess masters. We'll give you a numeric score that represents your skill level. You'll also receive a badge, so if you never made it to Eagle Scout, or got kicked out of the Girl Scouts, here's your chance! Learn More


Your skills evolve over time and so does your score. You can improve your score any time by answering more questions, by creating a test, or by adding a question to an existing test.


If you have a question, add it to a test. Your score will go up based on how that question performs with others. If the test doesn’t exist, you can add that too.

Seems simple but is puzzling fun

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