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Awe kiss and broadway nails gift

I forget about this gift for reviewing the impress manicure nails from influenster holiday voxbox. Thanks I was about to buy some for the holiday.


Is the best and taste the same as regular Pepsi.
Woo I'm buying more

Secret #1

Why? I tried this  next time buying pills. They make me want gummy worms. Want more than 2 day


I kept passing this one and now.  It's my new love.

Rolo minis

I love it

My Gum Addiction

I have to have it all day.If not i lose it.Have to chew from waking up to sleeping.

The Phone List of Shame

bought all of these phones addiction is bad 2002-2011 Motorola- t2288 Nokia- 3390  Nokia- 3530  Motorola- V180  Nokia- 3220 Nokia- 6101 MotorolaV360 Motorola- V3, Motorola V3m D&G Nokia 5300 Samsung- T629 T-mobile- shadow Blackberry- 8100 Blackberry 8320 Blackberry 8900, Blackberry 9700 HTC- Touchpro2 Htc-HD7  Nokia 5230 LG c900
love of me life Motorola- Defy

My TRESemme Color Revitalize Experience Review

When I received the TRESemme color revitalize shampoo and conditioner , from the start thinking it’s a sulfate shampoo and I am not trying to lose my hair color fast. The conditioner is OK with the contents.
The product claims: For shampoo: gently cleanses, without stripping the hair of bright color For Conditioner: lock in color, sealing the cuticle to protect the color, helps detangle and condition. My experience using the products is not all that great. Let me tell about my hair first, natural 4a and 3c s-curly hair.I feel the shampoo was stripping my hair felt hard and odd while washing. The conditioner was a relieve, bring the back the soft feeling to the hair. Also love how they are not runny and easy to apply.
In the end, I would not use the shampoo; my hair does not like it. The claims are true keeps the color great looking
I was given the product by

Extra Dessert Delights Gum

Is the ice cream on cake. Every flavor i tried is good. I found the one flavor that make my mouth go wild. APPLE PIE
Is the best taste just like it. No nasty after taste that is found in some sugarless gums.I will buy again.

Philly chocolate spread

Taste like candy but great. I had to try the dark chocolate first. The only favor I knew would make me happy.

More to review

I got in the Goody Panel. Can't wait to test the hair dryer out. On a wash n go..