My TRESemme Color Revitalize Experience Review

When I received the TRESemme color revitalize shampoo and conditioner , from the start thinking it’s a sulfate shampoo and I am not trying to lose my hair color fast. The conditioner is OK with the contents.

The product claims:
For shampoo: gently cleanses, without stripping the hair of bright color
For Conditioner: lock in color, sealing the cuticle to protect the color, helps detangle and  condition.
                My experience using the products is not all that great.  Let me tell about my hair first, natural 4a and 3c s-curly hair.  I feel the shampoo was stripping my hair felt hard and odd while washing. The conditioner was a relieve, bring the back the soft feeling to the hair. Also love how they are not runny and easy to apply.

In the end, I would not use the shampoo; my hair does not like it.
The claims are true keeps the color great looking
I was given the product by

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