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How to?

Keep going. I'm stuck

Triple Nutrition Shampoo & Conditioner Review

I was not sure about trying out these. In my mind all shampoo and conditioners are the same. I like it but will tell after giving the info on the products.

Shampoo and conditioner both: Transform your hair with the most intense nourishment yet from Triple Nutrition Nourishes hair to the core. Hair shines from within. FORTIFIED FRUIT SCIENCE 3 Nutritive Fruit Weightless Oils: Olive, Avocado and Shea.

Rumor has it you and your hair are the demanding type. She's dry and damaged, yet you expect her to shine like the healthiest tresses in all of North America. Normally we'd tell you both to get real, but there's actually a solution out there keeping pipe dreams like yours alive.

High-maintenance hair, meet the latest evolution in Garnier Fructis products! We're talking all-new, high-performing formulas and superior conditioner technology. These rich products are two years in the making, formulated to deeply condition hair and still rinse clean. Top that off with fresh, new fra…



sad guy McDonald's Soda Thief Can't Catch A Break, Is Arrested At Pizza Hut

McDonald's Soda Thief Can't Catch A Break, Is Arrested At Pizza Hut

i moved

one place yay

Time to leave tumblr but saved all my 250 posts.

Once I find the delete link.



I'm a vitamin nut

My favorite

Love it
Feeling like I’m not trying to please any body but me. With choices I am pursuing at time. Changing my looks that’s all to it.

They know I am alone. They are Not helping on this journey.


Not the one to give up.
Just time to let go.
Forget the past was worthless at the end.

My aching body

I can’t move these workouts are hurting me. I remember Why I hate it but have to keep the goals.

Or kill myself.
Get fit……

Club soda cake

Why? I never knew about it.Anyway I love it.  One box of cake mix.12oz. Of club soda.Mix.
Pour into greased  9x13 pan.
Bake for 40 mins on 325.Enjoy.

Mio vs. Hawaiian punch

I hate mio. For reasons the aftertaste is gross. Not something I would buy was a free sample.  Plus it did not taste. Like lemonade just blue kool-aid.Love Hawaiian punch tastes great I  forget it's fake favor. Both are sugar free. Works for me on days I hate tap water.

Keep the phones or not. 22 minutes.used a month is not worth it. Idk
Started the day off happy by night broke. Why try? Took my money and act like I don’t know .