Triple Nutrition Shampoo & Conditioner Review

I was not sure about trying out these. In my mind all shampoo and conditioners are the same. I like it but will tell after giving the info on the products.

Shampoo and conditioner both: Transform your hair with the most intense nourishment yet from Triple Nutrition Nourishes hair to the core. Hair shines from within. FORTIFIED FRUIT SCIENCE 3 Nutritive Fruit Weightless Oils: Olive, Avocado and Shea.

Rumor has it you and your hair are the demanding type. She's dry and damaged, yet you expect her to shine like the healthiest tresses in all of North America. Normally we'd tell you both to get real, but there's actually a solution out there keeping pipe dreams like yours alive.

High-maintenance hair, meet the latest evolution in Garnier Fructis products! We're talking all-new, high-performing formulas and superior conditioner technology. These rich products are two years in the making, formulated to deeply condition hair and still rinse clean. Top that off with fresh, new fragrances, and you've got the means to nourish, strengthen and smooth even the most lackluster locks.

Dying to give these brand-new formulas a try? Start with Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Shampoo & Conditioner. Thanks to three weightless nutritive fruit oils (and a great little thing called fortified fruit science), hair is nourished to the core and shines from within. The first time fruit and science got together, Isaac Newton discovered gravity. So all signs are pointing to this shampoo and conditioner being destined for greatness.

My Results: were great. I have extra soft hair. im not sure on the nutrition part i don't see a difference.

WOULD I BUY IT ; YES for fact of softer hair and easier to comb.

I was not paid to do this review. Given the products to try by

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