T-Mobile Extended Warranty don't buy it (update )

Update I was offered a full upgrade..

To start the story I bought a Motorola defy last year in March. It was a great phone until January 2012 my data always lose connection and No Wi-Fi so you think I Would get a replacement no. the customer care reps always said No. After April my one year warranty expired. I called 12 times between January and June  .  I should have called FCC.

Now back to June 8, 2012. I was finally offered a replacement but with a twist. If I buy into 3.99 a month extended warranty plan. To get a Nokia Lumia free replacement which I declined. Its not even close to an android OS phone.

Then while talking to a Rep she repeatedly "blamed me for not having insurance " why would I? So I get a lesser than phone After putting money into a messed up plan. That only gives you a phone that's. Not a match to current system.

Anyway I'm canceling T-Mobile soon looking for a new carrier. That won't give the run  around and blame me.

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