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Primp & Prep Is amazing to use. Love the fact i can enjoy Pandora Hpnotiq tunes and plan girl's night  out on the town. Also  great tips on Primp & Prep about beauty, lol,fashion, celebs, and much more.

Now Hpnotiq comes in two flavors to enjoy.

Hpnotiq Harmonie's vibrant violet color and delicious blend of infused berries, violets, and lavender set it apart from the original we all love. Best served chilled by itself or with your favorite mixer – we recommend splashing in lemon-lime or club soda, mixing with Champagne, or adding to a vodka cranberry for a sexy new twist....

HPNOTIQ delights all your senses. Its eye-catching aqua blue color and refreshing blend of natural exotic fruit juices and premium spirits make any occasion more fabulous. Best served chilled by itself or with your favorite mixer – we recommend keeping it classic with vodka, coconut rum or champagne.

Here my favorites from the website:
Stiletto Sangria https://www.hpnotiq.com/recipes/5854/stiletto-sangria Refreshing and yummy.
.How not to approach a guy http://sexandthetwenties.com/approaching-guys-in-bars/

I needed these tips for those wild night and to get the party started. Please do this hair down music up!


You must be 21 years or older to drink alcoholic beverages and as always, please remember to drink responsibly.
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