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THE Ergonomic Pen Review and Giveaway (CLOSED)

My expectations of the Ergonomic pen is comfort, ease and great writing tool. Comfort  for writing long notes. Ease is always a must no hand cramp. Being able to write without pen ink drying out.

All those are simple wants but curious to the shape and how it will benefit me.


        Everyone and anyone can benefit from using Dr. Lee's Ultimate Grip Pen. The UGLee Pen was designed for every hand, from big to small. It doesn't matter if you write all day or if you only write for five minutes a day. After using the Ultimate Grip Pen by Dr. Lee, you will never want to use another pen again.

    At first touch feels like gummy candy but  so comfortable. Came in great condition too. Writing is a dream with pen is everything i expected and more. I love how lightweight the pen is. Writing  is easy i tested by writing for 20 minutes. Had no hand aches or cramps. i love it i cant help but say it a thousand times.

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