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Rev Up Your Road Trip Sweepstakes

Summer is road trip time, but before you pack the trunk, it's probably a good idea to check your owner's manual for maintenance recommendations. It might be time for an oil change. 
If it's time, remember that motor oil matters. You want to be sure that you or your oil change location pours the American Petroleum Institute (API) licensed oil recommended for your car or truck. If you're buying this oil yourself, look for the API Starburst or Donut on the label. If an oil change location is installing the oil for you, make sure you know what that shop is actually pouring into your car. A good deal on an oil change is only good when the oil's API licensed and meets the recommendations for your car or truck's engine.
This recommendation is coming from Motor Oil Matters, or MOM for short, a new program offered by the API. MOM's goal is to make sure cars and trucks get the oil they need. MOM does this by reminding car and truck owners about the benefits…