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Yummy candy. But tastes like sweet potato PIE in chocolate.
I would buy again next Halloween.

Russell Stovers Red Velvet Santa

I am in love with candy bars and any sweets. Just go crazy for any thing new. So I seen this Santa .IS IT REALLY GOING TO BE LIKE RED VELVET CAKE?First off looks like a nothing like Santa. Smells of artificial cherry and dark chocolate.The taste...... cake batter with chocolate. Okay but too sweet.Bought this at rite aid for 75 cent. Never buying again.

Clairol Nice n Easy root touch up Review

It's really easy to apply. Come with brush and tray. Which is awesome for the salon feel at home. No other touch up kit like it. Also color in 4 steps and 10 minutes.

I used the medium brown number 5.

My only problem was the ammonia in the product.  Took me 15 mins to apply and wash out. Was getting ready to go out , So this was very quick, I loved my outcome.

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Disclaimer: Thank you for providing  a product  and gift.