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relaxer update photos

10 weeks post results 
Failed update and redo at 20 weeks post
used african pride olive miracle  relaxer

Shark bites and bits friday

Not much to update but have a rant video on youtube channel sharkgina183. Troubles buying online ebay and target got duped. Blog wise taking a sponsored review break.

Overcoming Your Shopping Addiction by Stephen Howe Book Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. Before I have fully read the book. I really feel like this will not help me. Put down my, debit card and put away the PayPal password.  This is just my thoughts before I open my eyes. I do not want to give away the whole book so I won't try to make this pretty short. These are going be like some favorite tips. And some might help you.

I will tell some of the chapters. The one that really got me. Is the retail culture of therapy. Do I really know what is a shopping spree? YES! Do you really know what is the shopping addiction?  YES!  Are you emotional shopper? YES

Do you feel like this is you?
Maybe you need to check out this book and find out.

Buy here Overcoming your Shopping Addiction: The Guide to Beating your Addiction to Shopping and Ending the Shopping Addiction Cycle

This is my review

I really liked this book. I have a little bit of shopping addiction. I. Out by reading the great symptoms on here. Feel like I need an…

Friday Bites

This week was testing me. Almost had a great opportunity for my lovely readers. Nothing came from that company. I am not going let these things get to me in bunch.Things to come pine bros. Throat drops review. Try to add new foods and products raves.XoxoSharkgina183 Bites

Faux Curlformers Review

I was interested in buying the hair rollers. After seeing others try them and i am going mostly heat free.
Watch to see if they work or not. 

Cook’n Recipe Software Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.
. Cook’n is the Only Recipe Software that lets you:
• Easily Enter your Personal Recipes • Get Ideas for What to Make for Dinner • See a Visual Menu Planner • Auto-Generate Shopping Lists • Capture Recipes From Favorite Websites • Calculate Nutrition of Your Recipes • Capture & Sync Pinterest Recipes  • Scan Printed Recipes  • Discover New Recipes w/Live Feed  • Print Themed Recipes - Demo • Use Snip-It to Capture Blog Recipes  • Import recipes from Word - Demo • Share Recipes with Social Media  • and much more!

My view and take I like being able to have all recipes in one spot. Right now i  have books and magazines clippings everywhere. Always take an hour to find the recipe i want. With COOK"N I do not have to do the guess work just look on the list or search for something new to try. The time saver Recipe Organizer.

Top 3 features i love are Capture  internet Recipe , Analyze nutritional facts , and printing.


Butterfinger Pb cups vs. Resses cup review Smackdown

I was just wondering what would taste better.

I bought these candies at cvs. and not paid or asked to review.

Ebay Selling Tips

Below is what i learned from selling on ebay. 

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Late Night Wishes

I was up the other night thinking about. Buying a new Phone . I am in love with Iphone  but not the 600 dollar price from t-mobile.