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XoundStar Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review Demo

First impressions were it's tiny speaker, and will the sound be good. I am coming from the age of huge floor speakers, boom boxes, etc. It's portable so how can it sound like a theater room.

 This speaker Is more great than I thought.

I used it in different ways to test the claims. Some were not good but great where needed.

 The smartphone test was best sound. By fact I could putting the speaker in middle of my apartment on 50 percent volume. Then able to hear while walking around the house. Another great feature is can be used for hands free calls. Love this so I can work and talk.

  The computer test experience was very similar to the smartphone. I find it good for watching movies or wwe on laptop.

 The t.v. test was horrible just too low volume...

Xoundstar Smart Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Portable, High-Fidelity Stereo Speaker with Wireless SIRI Connectivity built-in passive subwoofer with two 40mm, 5-watt drivers 1800 Mah 10 hours 
Enjoy great sound and hands-free phone …

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