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LeKair Natural Curls Review


 The Stephan Co. wants African-American women to get their curl on. The company, which has specialized in helping African-American women look fabulous for over four decades, recently released LeKair® Natural Curls, a premium line of products specially formulated to enhance the beauty of natural black hair.

 LeKair® Natural Curls includes a special formula containing Avocado Oil, which adds moisture, strength and shine to natural curly hair. The line consists of four products: Moisturizing and Detangling Conditioner prevents knots and tangles while helping to soften and hydrate multi-textured hair, Moisturizing Shampoo softens and strengthens coarse hair while also protecting the scalp from damage, light-weight Curl Rejuvenating Spray  gives instant bounce and life to lazy curls and Curl Defining Cream  provides curl definition without the crunch!

 All four of the LeKair® Natural Curls products (MSRP$6.99 each) are available nationally at leading beauty supply sto…

update on my life

I know it's been a while. Since I made a blog about me. I just have not found anything interesting talk about myself.

  Why took so long to come back?

I really been wrapped up in trying to expand my Internet presence. it is very hard to when you don't have many friends or much of a following. But it's okay.