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Women’s Confidence Panties by Hush Hush Review

Hush Hush Panties: Choose Women's Confidence Panties by Hush Hush and Wearever for everyday protection and reusability. Our selection of confidence panties features an innovative design that has a subtle absorbent layer built in, perfect for those with light incontinence issues, occasional leaks, moisture from working out or worry of menstrual leak through. They are a perfect solution for giggling with girlfriends over coffee or wine, surviving a sneeze or a surprise, socializing over shopping bags or diaper bags, visiting the gym or the office, and everything in between. See for yourself the secret to staying dry, confident and comfortable!
I Love hush hush very to claim. they hold more leakage and thinnest i ever used. no panty lines .
here are the ones i received

ADAGIO Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Review

I love and works great and heres how to buy.

TEN GEAR - Ten gear temperature selection from 200 to 400 degree Farenheit to give you perfect control and match your styling needs. Advanced microprocessor control ensures the plates are heat quickly and evenly in under 45 seconds

IONIC TECHNOLOGY - Featuring the latest in ionic technology to keep your hair healthy using slimline ceramic Tourmaline floating plates

TRAVEL FRIENDLY - Universal Voltage that can adapt to your travel schedule and ensure you look just as perfect on the road as at home. Comes with a heat resistant bag for storage and carrying

TIME OUT - Safety timeout function shuts the device down when left unattended for over 30 minutes

ERGONOMIC - With a rounded and ergonomically designed barrel the Xtava hair straightener is built for performance and comfort alike

Holiday Harvest Snaps Review

These are my thoughts on harvest snaps. As a first time taster I have seen these at the market. But was to cheap to try them. Now thanks to Calbee will be trying 4 favors of them Special Holiday snaps. 

          First up is COFFEE TOFFEE........Okay i was afraid to try this one. Because i do not like coffee. So Took a bite and I love this one. Taste is more cocoa  than coffee. Or should I just say mocha favor.   Does not tastes like peas.
       Next up is SALTED CARAMEL.......  Excited for this favor. Love all things caramel. Reminds me of the corn puffs but way more airy and light. Also tastes like  cereal.

        LENTIL SNAPS in Onion Thyme ....... Oh my gooodness are my favorite. Reason i gave up eating potato snacks due to heartburn. These are copy of cheese fries and onion rings. So much favor and not salty.
 \ HARVEST SNAPS in Original ...... Another great favor.... the only one I can tastes the peas of course. could use more salt.

Winner of the 4 is lentil snaps.