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The Addiction Is Back


SF Ware Repair MOV Files Review

This is a more of demo than review. Like how is this software is to and wanted to show you.

Was a sample to review and not paid.

SFWare Repair MOV File utility is built to fix problems with unresponsive MOV files and make them playable. Either hardware or software issues of device corrupts MOV file on different storage devices. The MOV file might show error after corruption and refuse to play. The great built-in scanning mechanism of the tool is capable for repairing severely corrupt files. It comes in different editions for Windows OS and Mac OS X users separately.
Features And Scenarios
Fixes severely corrupted and truncated MOV files
It supports repairing even large sized MOV files
Repairs damaged MOV files unplayable on QuickTime
Implements automated process to fix MOV by separating video and audio data streams and line them up in such a way that it should be playable
Fixes MOV files corrupted due to firmware issue on devices using which the videos are shot
Allows you to…

Drako Hands BBQ & Kitchen Silicone Gloves Review demo

First look out the box in love with the great design. They feel bulky but functional. I wanted to see how they hold up. Our my hand in boiling water. No burns at all. Also grilled too was able to move rack with no problems. No need for a towels or burnt hands.

Watch me play in hot water.


Was a free sample not paid.

FSL Xylem Wooden Earphones with Microphone and Remote Review

My Thoughts FSL Xylem Wooden Earphones 

        The sound is crisp I had to do the loud test of approval. Pretty   solid and nice build. Other people cannot hear my music. Also cancel out sound was outside and only hear music. The remote control works great too. Comes with a storage pouch for the headphones. Which is very great for pockets and purses. 

Product Description Eco-friendly construction You may not have a cape or super-powers but you can do your bit to save the earth with these premium quality wooden earphones. Wood offers several advantages over plastics and metal and that is why it is used in the construction of premium, high end speakers and musical instruments.
Powerful vibrant sound with naturally enhanced bass The wooden chamber of the FSL Xylem is designed specifically to reflect bass frequencies and yet absorb high frequencies. The result is a powerful bass sound with a fine detailed high end. Only a wooden chamber can provide this natural acoustic effect …