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Freebies 5/22/2015


Booty Fresh Review

Booty Fresh™ is not a deodorant spray, cologne, or perfume. Booty Fresh™ neutralizes odor-causing bacteria absorbed under the skin of the **** and surrounding area. After it’s rinsed off, it leaves your bootay smelling like... well... nothing! It‘s no joke! Booty Fresh™ deodorizes when soaps and wipes fail. Yes, it really, really works.

THE MOST AMAZING SPRAY FOR YOUR BUM: With a full application of Booty Fresh, you won't notice a scent from offending areas for up to two weeks or longer.

BEYOND HYGENEGet's Where Soaps, Wipes, and Toilet Paper Can't.  Regular washing can not remove everything permeating the skin.  In fact, toilet paper is a huge cause of a "permanent" odor down there.

DATING | EXOTIC TRIPS | CAMPING: Spray on Booty Fresh for that extra boost of freshness where you’ll need it most. Complete confidence that you are clean and sexy wherever …

Freebies 5/15/2015

Image Review

I was like there are websites like this? Right not what i was thinking. Here is a page i shared with friends.

     Here is what I learned Samepage is very simple way. To share information, Plan as a group, or make notes. I made a page for friends and family. See how to get freebies since they never find good stuff.

With Samepage:

Personal and professional activities with others are coordinated in a single online page. One can easily create an online page in a few minutes and share it with friends, social networks, co-workers or the whole Internet. Whether one is sharing a set of recipes with a church group, some photos of a hike with Facebook friends or the itinerary for a business trip with a work team, Samepage makes it easy. One can put everything they want to share on a single page and share it across all of their social media with just a few clicks. One can share files, pictures, maps, videos and even cloud files from Dropbox, Google Drive and other services.  Samepage is accessib…

Silicon Devices Bluetooth Headset


Simian 3 Power Banks Review

I tried 3 different sizes 2600mah, 5200mah and 10400mah.. I liked all but some more than others. These are my views and was not paid to say this.

Simian Power Up 2600mAh Water Resistant Power Bank My TAKE Is....Great size for phone or camera. super light for my emergency kit i use. i dropped a couple times and still working. Nice and simple.

Robust shock-proof and water-resistant casing is ideal for rough conditionsCharge almost any device-smart phones including the iPhone 4, 5, and 6, tablets, e-readers, cameras and GoPros all work with the Simian's USB portPerfect for outdoor sports and activities like hiking or camping, where you need that extra power and are exposed to harsh weather2,600 mAh provides one full charge for any smart phone, and many additional hours of battery life for other electronics

Simian Power Up 5200 mAh Water Resistant Power Bank The pros are lightweight, flashlight is bright, quick charging for phones. Used for the phone to charge up twice....

The con is slo…

Silicon Devices Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

First look and feel I noticed is very comfortable. The pairing of Bluetooth is quick and easy. I had others that take a while. Sound is clear gives concert quality. No muffled or skipping. I used android phone and tablet to test if like them. They do not move while doing activities.

 For some reason sounds bad using pc bluetooth so i stick to phone and tablet.

Buy me here and Find more info

Given for review and very honest

FSL Reflex Bluetooth Sports Earbuds Review

These are the perfect bluetooth headphones for running, working out in the gym, or just daily activity where you want to be free from those annoying wires. Stylish, comfortable and easy-to-use, simply connect these wireless earbuds to your smart phone, tablet, or other Bluetooth enabled device and enjoy your newfound audio freedom. The FSL Reflex are not only the best Bluetooth sports earphones available, they are simply the best Bluetooth earphones.

Stylish, minimalist design
    You don't want anything flashy, you just want to listen to your music with no distraction. The FSL Reflex Bluetooth earbuds are black and grey and feature a stylish, minimalistic design that is focused on functionality and user comfort.

Bluetooth connectivity means no wires
        Starting today you'll never have to deal with tangled headphone wires, getting caught in headphone wires, or accidentally yanking a headphone out of your ear ever again. Connect easily to your iPhone, iPod, Andr…

Sonixx X-Touch Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

Sonixx X-Touch is a stereo Bluetooth headset combining advanced and innovative technology with a stylish, innovative design, available in four vibrant colours. The unique touch-sensitive panel provides effortless control over music and calls with the swipe of a finger, whilst the 40mm neodymium drivers have perfect tuning to provide pitch perfect audio with a thumping bass and detailed high end.
The Smart Headphone         Compatible with all major brands of smartphones, Sonixx X-Touch features hands-free calling with a discreet, yet crystal clear built-in microphone and a call answer button. When a call comes in, the headphones will automatically pause your music and switch to phone mode. As soon as the call has ended, the music will resume playback.
X-Touch Swipe Control        Sonixx X-Touch features touch-controlled interface on the right cup, which has a truly intuitive advanced control system to control your music. Swipe the control panel vertically to increase or decrease the volu…

Soul Food Love Book Review

About Soul Food Love by Alice Randall and Caroline Randall Williams

A mother-daughter duo reclaims and redefines soul food by mining the traditions of four generations of black women and creating 80 healthy recipes to help everyone live longer and stronger.

In May 2012, bestselling author Alice Randall penned an op-ed in the New York Times titled “Black Women and Fat,” chronicling her quest to be “the last fat black woman” in her family. She turned to her daughter, Caroline Randall Williams, for help. Together they overhauled the way they cook and eat, translating recipes and traditions handed down by generations of black women into easy, affordable, and healthful—yet still indulgent—dishes, such as Peanut Chicken Stew, Red Bean and Brown Rice Creole Salad, Fiery Green Beans, and Sinless Sweet Potato Pie. Soul Food Love relates the authors’ fascinating family history (which mirrors that of much of black America in the twentieth century), explores the often fraught relatio…