Simian 3 Power Banks Review

I tried 3 different sizes 2600mah, 5200mah and 10400mah.. I liked all but some more than others. These are my views and was not paid to say this.

Simian Power Up 2600mAh Water Resistant Power Bank 

My TAKE Is....Great size for phone or camera. super light for my emergency kit i use. i dropped a couple times and still working. Nice and simple.

  • Robust shock-proof and water-resistant casing is ideal for rough conditions
  • Charge almost any device-smart phones including the iPhone 4, 5, and 6, tablets, e-readers, cameras and GoPros all work with the Simian's USB port
  • Perfect for outdoor sports and activities like hiking or camping, where you need that extra power and are exposed to harsh weather
  • 2,600 mAh provides one full charge for any smart phone, and many additional hours of battery life for other electronics

Simian Power Up 5200 mAh Water Resistant Power Bank 

The pros are lightweight, flashlight is bright, quick charging for phones. Used for the phone to charge up twice....

The con is slow to charge the powerbank. Really not a problem just plug in before i go to sleep.

Casing is shock, water resistant

This portable battery pack is built to withstand the all-weather conditions of the great outdoors. A robust design makes it water resistant and anti-shock, while the textured casing is also slip-resistant and sealed against dust.

Easy-to-read LED light display
With the LED light display, you'll always know exactly how much juice you have left in the Simian portable powerbank. One light is roughly equal to one full charge or "life" for an iPhone or Android phone. Fully charge any smart phone two times over with the 5,200 mAh of power.

Simian Power Up 10400mAh Water Resistant Power Bank for Tablets & Smartphones - Dual USB Output with Torch and LED Power Indicators

This is the best power bank ever used. Why? I used this for the weekend road trip. Last through 3 phone charges and tablet once.

Things i liked were 2 ports. Charges My phone from 0 to 100 in 2 hours that is fast. The torch light is brighter than expected and is great for night time in the car. Also noticed turns off after its done.

Keep all your essential electronics fully powered while you're out adventuring in the wilderness. The Simian PowerUp is a tough, rugged and reliable solution to your iPhone, Android, tablet or camera running out of battery when there's no outlet nearby. Simply charge it up and pack it with you to add hours of additional battery life.
Water resistant, anti-shock casing
This portable powerbank is designed with the adventurous type in mind, so if you're used to roughing it in the outdoors then don't worry-the Simian PowerUp can rough it right along with you. The casing is shock and water resistant, and the surface texture also provides grip making it slip-resistant.
Four phone charges and easy-to-read display
Four LED lights clearly display how much charge remains in this portable battery pack. Each light represents roughly one full "life" for your smartphone, meaning you can recharge your iPhone or Android from 0 to 100% four times over with a single charge of the Simian.
USB means universal compatibility
Along with your iPhone or Android, you can also use the Simian to charge your tablet, Kindle, camera, camcorder, or any other device with a micro USB port. This rugged travel battery comes with one micro USB cable included.
Two charging ports and flashlight
The Simian travel charger features two USB ports, meaning you and a friend can both recharge your electronics at the same time. There is also a flashlight feature, for when you're out hiking or camping in the dark and are in need of some light.

Was a review not paid but given free product.

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