Sonixx X-Touch Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review


  Sonixx X-Touch is a stereo Bluetooth headset combining advanced and innovative technology with a stylish, innovative design, available in four vibrant colours.
The unique touch-sensitive panel provides effortless control over music and calls with the swipe of a finger, whilst the 40mm neodymium drivers have perfect tuning to provide pitch perfect audio with a thumping bass and detailed high end.

The Smart Headphone
        Compatible with all major brands of smartphones, Sonixx X-Touch features hands-free calling with a discreet, yet crystal clear built-in microphone and a call answer button. When a call comes in, the headphones will automatically pause your music and switch to phone mode. As soon as the call has ended, the music will resume playback.

X-Touch Swipe Control
       Sonixx X-Touch features touch-controlled interface on the right cup, which has a truly intuitive advanced control system to control your music. Swipe the control panel vertically to increase or decrease the volume; move your finger horizontally to move to the next track or go back to the previous song.

 Stay Connected or Roam Free
        With a battery life capable of 9 hours continuous wireless playback the Sonixx X-Touch won't let you down. However, if you do find yourself unable to recharge you have the option of using the included 1.2m detachable cable. Please note that in wired mode the electronic elements of the headphones such as the X-Touch swipe control will no longer operate.

Now my Take. 

        Have great All around sound. Feels like a  large speaker  next to me. A mini party in my head is a must. The slide controls are easy to use without pressing hard. The Bluetooth pairing was very easy and quick. The build is great and solid. The color is matte. Calling is loud and clear sound. Battery life is the best last about 9 hours.

Buy here 

Was given for review and my thoughts are real.

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