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The Twinkies Cookbook, Twinkies 85th Anniversary Edition

About The Twinkies Cookbook, Twinkies 85th Anniversary EditionA comeback cookbook for the perennially popular snack cake, with unique sweet and savory recipes that highlight the whimsical nostalgia of America’s favorite dessert.

In celebration of the 85th anniversary of Twinkies®, Hostess® has updated and expanded their beloved and quirky classic The Twinkies Cookbook. This new edition includes the very best recipes from the original, combined with twenty-five new and wonderfully wacky recipes submitted by Twinkies aficionados across the country. From a Twinkie-filled take on chicken and waffles to Twinkie pumpkin pie and beyond, these colorful concoctions will surprise and enchant the Twinkie fan in all of us.

My take on this wonderful book.

I Loved the history on twinkies.  Reminds of the days of hostess outlets where i used to buy at . Before the store closing. Gave me child hood back.

The recipes are very interesting to me. Never thought about using this sweet cake in dinne…