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1byone 9000mAh 12V Multi-Function Smart Portable Car Jump Starter Powerbank Review

Recommended Vehicle Engine Displacements for Standard Jump Starting

Petrol powered vehicles - 4.7L and lower displacements(12-Volt) 

Gas powered vehicles - 4.7L and lower displacements (12-Volt) 

Protect Measure

Please store the product in cool and dry place. Don't put the product in direct sunshine. Too warm temperatures may result in melting of the plastic shell or damage to the internal battery. 

The World's First Smart Jump Starter

1byone Smart Jump Starter is a super hot new release that can start your vehicles numerous times on a single charge. 

It's mistake-proof, making it safe for anyone to use and features spark-proof technology, as well as reverse polarity protection. 

It's suitable for use on vehicles up to 5 litres, such as a car, boat, truck, RV, motorcycle, ATV, lawn mower and more. 

Almost Limitless Times to Start Your Vehicles

With smart-chip technology and Electricity Recycle Function, it can recycle redundant power back to the host, which can guarantee a conti…