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Why I Need To Quit?

Just being honest here That  i am very unhappy in my life right now. I fake moods and so much more. Since the mothers day vlog i really put up the camera. Stay in bed most of the day.

   My thoughts i kept secret from videos are.  I always /dreamed of being successful. But i am just a failure. All the vlogs prove it. I cannot even find a job just rejection with every interview. Others think i like my current setting not at all. Most days i wonder i was born to never be anything. Trying is a word i live and far as i go.

  Far as youtube go i might delete it soon i do not know yet.

This here is the only thing i finished happily.

Life issues

Things you don't know about me

Well so much because I limited myself online. Far as sharing everything just a bite. I know giving more is not me. Not A open Book😄Tonight I feel sad just read the two posts before this one. 😢😩💔